Thank you for taking part in our recent Consultation on proposals for significant changes at Hexham Middle School and Queen Elizabeth High School. You can read the Report on the Consultation by following the link below.

The report on Northumberland County Council’s Education in West of Northumberland consultation can be read here.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to run practical food technology sessions this week

Apologies if you have already purchased ingredients.

Physical Education is one of the most powerful mass movers in changing and improving the lives of young people. As such, a key aim of the physical education department is to develop a strong “sporting culture” within school for both participation and excellence, for all pupils. Through this culture we aim to 'create a sporting habit for life.'

‘As a department, we aim to develop pupils who are physically literate. We aim to do this by providing a challenging, disciplined and safe environment for high quality teaching and learning. This is achieved through creating an enjoyable and productive atmosphere for staff and pupils, where we strive to inspire and engage students to participate and achieve. This will enable all pupils to have the motivation, confidence, understanding, knowledge and confidence to make positive lifestyle choices and choose to be active for life.’

The Physical Education department at Hexham Middle School strives to be a successful, vibrant and dynamic subject area. The highest standards are expected of learners, who are encouraged to contribute effectively to the wider society through the direct teaching of the core values promoted by the Rugby Football Union: teamwork, respect, discipline, enjoyment and sportsmanship. We believe that a strong and vibrant PE Department is important for whole school achievement; as a department we aim to raise progress and attainment within PE and school sport participation, academic achievement, and the health and well-being of our pupils. Through the ethos of the subject and the school, pupils develop personal qualities such as self-esteem, self-confidence, tolerance and empathy. A strong PE Department we believe can positively impact pupils’ achievement in reading, writing and maths. To achieve this we will continually focus on providing great learning experiences via an engaging, broad and balanced Physical Education curriculum. Students will experience a range of activities focused on developing both their physical competence and proficiency.

Pupils will be provided with learning experiences designed to allow them to become successful learners, to overcome challenges and that provide a range of opportunities to engage in carefully planned competitive sporting events and festivals, at both intra school and inter school level. The department has been very successful at inter school competition with Hexham Middle School pupils and teams excelling at local, regional and national level.

The PE Department strives to deliver the government's strategy for school sport, with its strong emphasis on extending competitive opportunities for all students. The PE Department continues to be guided by and delivers elements of the PE and Sport Strategy for Young People (PESSYP), designed to improve the quantity and quality of PE and sport undertaken by young people, to ensure that students at Hexham Middle School have access to two hours of high quality PE and extended opportunity beyond the curriculum.

HMS Physical Education
Pupil Code of Conduct

For all lessons, pupils are expected to:

  • Participate in all activities. If you are ill or injured you must produce a note, which clearly explains exactly what you can or cannot do. However you must still get changed into your PE kit and take an appropriate part in the lesson, for example scoring, umpiring/refereeing.
  • Wear complete and correct kit, which should be labelled, during all lessons.
  • No jewellery of any kind may be worn in any PE lesson.
  • Tie all long hair back.
  • Arrive promptly to all lessons and change quickly and quietly once invited into the changing rooms by your PE teacher.
  • Stay out of all store cupboards and leave all equipment until asked to enter/use equipment by a PE teacher.
  • Respect and take care of equipment, returning it safely and correctly to the appropriate place.
  • Behave in a safe and responsible manner at all time.

Remember that:

  • Everyone has the RIGHT to be safe.
  • Everyone has the RIGHT to learn.

In return, your PE teacher will:

  • Treat you with respect.
  • Be polite to you.
  • Be fair in the way they deal with you.
  • Try to teach you in a way that makes PE interesting and fun.
  • Try to teach activities that interest you.
  • Try to help you improve at PE.
  • Watch what you do in PE, tell you your level and let you know how to get to the next level.
  • Keep the PE equipment in good condition ready for you to use.

What if I don’t like pe?

Well, we are human! We understand that not everyone will like PE.
Don’t worry. It’s only 2 hours a week.

BUT We hope we can change your mind about PE and sport. We will try to offer you a wider range of activities. This should give you the chance of finding something that you like.

You will get the opportunity to be a leader, organiser, coach, official and spectator as well as a player.

We hope you’ll get:
Success and Enjoyment from Hard Work