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Recount - newspaper article.

Narrative – creative writing.

Poetry study and analysis.

Assessment (4 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, reading and writing tracking grids updated following timed assessment



War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Character analysis essay.

Creative writing – letter from the trenches.

Assessment (4 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, end of term moderation using reading and writing tracking grids 

Modern fiction

Bumface by Morris Gleitzman


Formal letter writing, discussion text on the theme of arranged marriage, narrative writing in the style of an author.

Assessment Spring 1 (4 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, reading and writing tracking grids updated following timed assessment

Assessment Spring 2 (4 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, end of term moderation using reading and writing tracking grids

Seminal World Literature: Shakespeare


Analysis of Othello the character, understanding of the storyline, analysis of character behaviour, retelling the story, discussion of issues raised.

Transition work with QEHS.

Assessment Summer 1 (4 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, reading and writing tracking grids updated following timed assessment

Assessment Summer 2 (4 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, transition assessment as directed by QEHS. End of term moderation using reading and writing tracking grids


Number: revise and improve, four operations, arithmetic, fractions (four operations), equivalence

Expressions and equations: prime factor decomposition, laws of indices, factorising, working with powers

Powers and roots: reciprocals, standard form, fractional indices

Area, volume and Pythagoras: surface area, cylinders and prisms, Pythagoras’ theorem

Fractions, decimals and percentages: four operations, recurring decimals, percentage change

Some – Quadratics: expanding, factorising, quadratic equations

Graphs and sequences: plotting linear graphs, gradients, y=mx+c, inverse functions, non-linear graphs, real-life graphs

Inequalities and formulae: linear inequalities, index laws, changing the subject, some – algebraic fractions

Ratio and Multiplicative reasoning

Transformations: translation, rotation, enlargement, STEM focus, volume and enlargement

Constructions and loci: accurate drawing, nets, bisect lines, bisect angles, use loci to solve problems

Accuracy and measures: rates of change, density, pressure, upper and lower bounds

Some – Non-linear graphs: quadratic graphs and equations

Scale drawing and measures: maps and scales, bearings, scales and ratio, congruence, geometry problems

Probability: mutually exclusive events, experimental probability, using Venn diagrams

Standard form: using standard form, calculating

Introduction to trigonometry: tangent ratio, sine ratio, the cosine ratio, trigonometric graphs

Mathematical reasoning: explain, show and justify, real-life situations, proofs

Statistics, collecting and analysing data: pie charts, stem and leaf diagrams, financial graphs, comparing data


Health and Lifestyle

The content of a healthy human diet.

Calculations of energy requirements in a healthy daily diet.

The consequences of imbalances in the diet, including obesity, starvation and deficiency diseases.

How the digestive system works.

The Periodic table

The physical and chemical properties of different elements.

The principles underpinning the Mendeleev periodic table.

The periodic table: periods and groups; metals and non-metals.

How patterns in reactions can be predicted.

The properties of metals and non-metals.

The chemical properties of metal and non-metal oxides.


Comparing energy values of different foods (from labels) (kJ).

Comparing power ratings of appliances in watts (W, kW).

Comparing amounts of energy transferred (J, kJ, kW hour).

Domestic fuel bills, fuel use and costs.

Fuels and energy resources.

Ecosystem Processes

The interdependence of organisms in an ecosystem.

The importance of plant reproduction. How organisms affect, and are affected by, their environment, including the accumulation of toxic materials.

Electricity and magnetism

Electric current in circuits.

Series and parallel circuits.

Potential difference, measured in volts.

Differences in resistance between conducting and insulating components.

Magnetic poles and magnetic fields.

Adaption and Inheritance


A simple model of chromosomes, genes and DNA.

Differences between species.

Continuous or discontinuous variation.

Evolution and extinction.


The Earth

The composition of the Earth.

The rock cycle.

The composition of the atmosphere.


The work of Stanley Spencer

Producing analytical drawings using a range of materials

Observational drawing skills – the human face

The work of Frida Kahlo


Developing self images using photography and computer graphic software.

Understanding how artists say something about themselves through their work.

Representing fears, aspirations and feelings through art as well personal views of the world.

Abstract Expressionists

The power of abstract art.

How artists express their emotions.

Studying the work of Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

How mark making and gesture can communicate emotion – investigating emotional literacy.

We delve into the world of the Abstract


Python Numbers

Introduction to the common mathematical operators used in programming. To set up numerical variables and use comparison operators. Work with integers, floats and random numbers. Write the code for a simple adventure game.

Boolean logic, logic gates and truth tables

Understand simple Boolean logic [for example, AND, OR and NOT] and some of its uses in circuits and programming

Journalism in the 21st Century

Wikipage and podcast programming.

Gaming Creator and Product Event

Using knowledge and applying skills.


Online Safety: Sexting and Selfies

A Creator's Responsibilities

Safe Online Talk

Which Me Should I Be?

Gender Stereotypes Online


Food Technology

Following own recipe and adapting appropriately.

Cooking a variety of dishes.

How to handle and work with raw meat and fish and use a range of herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of a dish.

Study of locally grown and Fairtrade food and its benefits for consumers.

Study of the main macro and micro nutrients, their sources and functions.

The different functions of ingredients.

Design Technology


Explore and develop a prototype lighting design.

Explore the social, moral and environmental issues designers face when developing products.

Home based learning

 Extended project to develop an idea for a 'bedroom of the future'. 



Verb endings

Reflexive verbs

Perfect tense

French Poetry

Jacques Prevert



Celebrity project

Essay writing

Grammar carousels

Towns and directions

Finding your way

The Mr Men and Little Miss books

Storyboard creation


Development and Ghana

The global north/south development gap

The Brandt line

Development factors

Measuring development

Accessing water

Escaping poverty


Development and Ghana

The physical geography of Ghana

Environment and climate



Success story 

Measuring development

Weather and climate/Our warming planet

So what causes the weather?

Measuring the weather

Rain and clouds

Air pressure

What influences climate?

Global warming

What can we do?


Living Off the Earth's Resources

Earth's natural resources

Water around the world


Soil: a precious resource


Oil for energy


The Middle East

Physical geography, climate and biomes

People of the Middle East

A closer look at the Arabian Peninsula

Conflict in the Middle East

Israel and the State of Palestine

Earning a Living

The UK at work

Changing employment structure


A look at other countries

Where did the jobs go?

The clothing industry in Bangladesh

Working to bring you a mobile


The Development of church, state and society in Britain 1509-1745

The Renaissance

The Reformation, including Martin Luther King

The Spanish Armada

Mary, Queen of Scots

The Development of church, state and society in Britain 1509-1745

The first colony in America

Civil Wars throughout Britain


The Glorious Revolution

Political power, industry and Empire in Britain 1745- 1901

Life on a cotton plantation

The Middle Passage

Abolishment of Slavery

Political power, industry and Empire in Britain 1745- 1901

The French revolution

Britain as the first industrial nation

The Development of the Empire

Home Rule


Challenges for Britain and the wider world 1901 to present

The Holocaust

Woman Suffragettes

The First World War and the Peace Settlement

Challenges for Britain and the wider world 1901 to present

The creation of the welfare state

Indian independence

Social, cultural and technological change in post war Britain


  Form & Structure

The AABA form

Finished & unfinished melodic endings (tonic – dominant endings).

Composition of an AABA piece

Assessed performance

       Beethoven & the 9th Symphony

Study the life and works of Beethoven with a focus on his 9th symphony ‘Ode to Joy.’

The expansion of the orchestra and development of the piano.



The history and development of Blues music and its influence on other styles of music

 The guitar

 Playing 12 Bar Blues accompaniment patterns and solos

Rock ‘n’ Roll

 How Blues developed into musical styles such as Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll.



The development of music and the main composers during the Baroque period (1600 to 1750).

Composition based on Vivaldi using a variety of ornamentation and sequential melodies.


Invasion games 1



Run4 Fun



Invasion games 2:



Cultural games


Aussie Rules







What does it mean to be a Sikh? What are the stereotypes?

Introduction to Sikhism

Sikh Values and traditions

Sikhism in the modern world

What does it mean to be a Sikh? What are the stereotypes?

Gender roles


Clash of cultures

Bend it like Beckham

Why do people go on pilgrimage?





How is justice shown in the world today?





Capital punishment

How is community cohesion promoted?

Community cohesion



Asylum seekers


How is community cohesion promoted?

Recent events: why leave home?

Famous refugees: Prince Phillip, Mo Farah

Investigate Britain’s history of welcome



Physical Health


Emotional Health

Rights & Responsibilities at Work

Learning to Learn