What is an English Leader?

An English Leader is a pupil in Year 8 that helps pupils in other lessons with their reading and writing skills. They have to support children who need help whilst writing a piece of work and will be used in all lessons by all teachers, across the curriculum.

Who are they?

The English Leaders are:
1. Gabriela
2. Euan
3. Thomas
4. Marsha
5. Gabriel
6. Jamie
7. Malaika
8. Holly

What will they do?

They will have to help every child that needs help but they also have to look after children who need help checking their work and correcting mistakes.

How will they help?

English Leaders will help because they need to make sure children in different classes improve their English knowledge and will support them in lessons across the curriculum.

Look out for the English Leaders in your lessons!

By Gabriela - Year 8 English Leader