On the 5th October, M&M Theatrical Performances came to HMS to perform ‘Oliver’ to KS2. It was very exciting, especially as there was a workshop after the performance!

‘Oliver’ is a brilliant storyline altogether. The characters are great, the drama is overwhelming; but sometimes theatre groups have trouble putting the story into a musical. M&M Theatrical Productions have really shown everyone, especially me, what a beautiful story ‘Oliver’ is.

There were some funny scenes, like with Mr Dickens the parrot; and some tragic scenes, like the beginning scene or the end one where Nancy dies. Altogether, it was a fantastic performance.

In the workshop, we learnt how to make our voices old and croaky like Fagin’s, change quickly during performances and we even got a sneak peek at the actors’ favourite sound effects.

I definitely hope that M&M Productions perform at our school again!

Anna, Year 6