"There's no greater classroom than this!" was one comment from a member of the public on Longsands Beach which perfectly captured our views of our visit on Tuesday. Our studies of Robert Westall's World War 2 novel 'The Kingdom by the Sea' led us to one of the novel's main settings - Tynemouth. Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day soaking in the atmosphere of the setting, allowing them to delve into Harry's mind and experience key locations first hand. The beach provided a perfect setting for poetry and descriptive writing, allowing all of our senses to be utilised. The pupils used materials from the sea and beach to build their own WW2 themed sculptures using their tips from Joseph (a man who lives entirely from the sea in the novel!). Collingwood's Monument provided an atmospheric setting to engage in landscape sketching to really soak in the scene. Of course, no trip to the beach would be complete without a visit to the local chippy! All 142 of us enjoyed a delicious meal on the seafront. A hugely enjoyable and inspirational day which has left us with great classroom stimulus. Look out for articles from the children themselves.

Mr Watters and Miss France