On Tuesday 3rd November 2015, David Almond, author of Skellig and several other famous best-sellers came for a 17th visit to Hexham Middle School, eating a flapjack from the canteen whilst here! 25 pupils from Year 7 were chosen to take part in the workshop in Beaumont Library, where we have an excellent selection of his books.

David Almond talked about some of his books and his successful method of building up a story, as well as how to allow our imaginations to run wild. He asked us random questions and told us to write down the first thing that came in to our heads.

After that, we wrote a story opening of our choice with David's advice and support. "I kept trying to write another book!" he told us, after saying that it took him five years to write his first. Disappointingly, not one publishing company in the United Kingdom wanted to publish it! After his first book didn't manage to get published, everyone thought he was crazy for wanting to write another.

Of course, he was correct to have persevered, as he won the Hans Christian Andersen Award. His family didn't think it was right for him to write another book after his first didn't go well. He kept on trying and his hard work has paid off. As well as the Hans Christian Andersen Award, he has won many others.

We are very privileged to have had David Almond visit us on so many occasions, and we hope he will visit again in the future.

By Amy and Isabel 


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