Year 7 have had a fabulous time following a visit from the Centre for Life on 19th and 20th January 2016. Each class took part in a two-hour STEM workshop over the course of the two days. The workshop was all about designing and making a vehicle that was powered by stored energy. The students worked in pairs or small groups to design and make a vehicle out of materials provided such as dowels, wheels, nuts and bolts, cardboard, polystyrene, elastic bands etc., and tools such as glue guns, and craft knives. The aim was to encourage creative thinking, problem solving, continuous testing and retesting and setting their own goals, within the frame of practical engineering skills.

Some pupil quotes from the event:

  • “The best part was building the vehicle because I got to use all the different materials and tools”
  • “I have enjoyed working as part of a team”
  • “It was very tricky to build but we planned and designed it first and it worked”
  • “I loved the workshop, it was great fun and I’d love to do something like this again”
  • “I liked being able to use whatever I wanted and trying different designs until one worked”
  • “We really enjoyed doing this activity; our favourite part was experimenting with what worked and what didn’t”.

Click on the icons below to see more photos from the STEM sessions.


Ms Carruthers & Miss Hodgson