Written by Sasha and Milly, Year 8.

On Thursday 10 March 2016 a group from the Institution Of Civil Engineers came in to Hexham Middle School to teach us about filtering water and surviving a zombie apocalypse. We were given a bottle, a cup, some food and a price list. We had to build a water filtration system to take the chemicals out of the zombie infested water.

The practical included choosing which materials we should put in the cup to build our filtration system. Each piece of food was worth a different amount that we could trade for different materials to build our system. The winning team, with only 2% infested water, received a box of chocolates. We thought the instructors were very kind and helpful and we really enjoyed the challenge. It needed a lot of teamwork and communication. We had to think carefully about trading the food as we also needed to keep enough nutrition to survive. Overall the lesson was very entertaining and practical; we would definitely do it again.

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