Kev Sutherland Workshop – 8M2 English – Tuesday 15 March 2016

Written by Kiona, Year 8

Today was amazing because Kev Sutherland came in to see us. When we were working, he was drawing all kinds of characters, from superheroes to Dennis the Menace!

First we drew our own character (mine was a character called Sherlock Homeless) and next he asked us who in the class felt like they were bad at drawing. I raised my hand. He chose me to come up to the front and directed me to draw a circle with a dot in the middle. Then he asked me to draw a capital C, a capital L and some other simple letter shapes and by the end I’d drawn Bart Simpson!

After that, we had to come up with our own title for our class comic. We then created our own comic strips to appear in the comic and afterwards he copied them all and gave us one each.

Kev draws a lot of different cartoon characters for the Beano, Marvel and even Doctor Who! At the end of the lesson he drew each member of the class as a caricature – mine actually looked like me! I would love to do this again sometime because it was really fun.

Click on the thumbnails below to see more pictures from the day: