"Order, Order!" Mr. Speaker (Jacob Smith) opens and convenes HMS Parliament.

New for 2016-17, Hexham Middle School has introduced HMS Parliament. In our last newsletter, we were delighted to announce the appointment of Councillors and Members of Parliament. On Monday 18 October 2016, Councillors and MP's met in Beaumont Library. A welcome reception of juice and biscuits, and an opening photograph was then followed by the first session.

Pupils learned the etiquette for Parliament, how to address people and the rules for discussion and debate.

Many excellent points were raised by MP's from all year groups providing a focus for possible agendas that Parliament can campaign for. By the end of the session, pupils were becoming familiar with terms such as "My honourable friend" and "Mr. Speaker."

Members of the Senior Student Leadership Team helped Jacob oversee the first session by taking minutes which are due to be published for the start of next Half Term. Councillor's Cabinet will take place early next Half Term and they will be spending some time with their MP's discussing matters and liaising with their Form Group constituents.

Parliament and Councillor Cabinet will hopefully be the beacons for promoting pupil engagement. Any pupil can raise an issue with their Councillor or MP. They can do so by writing them a letter or discussing in Form Group Clinics.

Article written by Mr Freeman-Myers