The Autumn sunshine was on our side as all of Year 6 made their way to the coast for a day exploring the setting of our novel Kingdom by the Sea by Robert Westall. The pupils are thoroughly enjoying the novel which is set along the Northumberland coastline in the midst of World War 2. Our day included: poetry writing in the sand at Longsands Beach; beach combing and sculpture building taking on the role of Joseph Kielty; exploring Collingwood's monument; soaking in the landscape of the setting and sketching as well as descriptive writing which will influence our creative writing back in class. Of course, any trip to Tynemouth would not be complete without enjoying Harry's favourite delicacy (Harry enjoys several visits to the local fish and chip shop with the last of his money) so we enjoyed our chips on the sea-front! An inspirational day which the children really enjoyed!

Mr Watters and Mrs Roff