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On Tuesday 1 November 2016 Year 8 pupils took part in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities day, and then wrote about their experience:

On STEM day, I took part in many different activities across the school. These ranged from making a rainbow drink with different sugar densities in food technology to making and testing paper aeroplanes in maths. I enjoyed all the activities, but my favourite was DT when we designed a product using a smart material. I think STEM day was a good idea, because the subjects we explored are very important in the world today, and it is important to inspire people to take more interest in them as there high demand for workers in these subjects.
Louis D

On STEM day, the year 8 students and I took part in a few different activities, in our house groups, revolved around Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. During our first activity (street science) we were split into groups of around 5 and our group had a mind reading activity to do with people’s birthdays and it worked using binary. We then moved on to do a murder mystery in maths, making paper aeroplanes and doing a quiz for points which we used to buy things to help make our paper planes, and then being put back in to groups which were allocated to do either making butter, making a rainbow drink with different sugar densities or making lemonade. Our group made butter by putting cream in a jar and shaking it and then mixing it as well as adding salt, luckily for us we didn’t taste it. Our final lesson was Design Technology where we made a product using different smart and modern materials picked out of an envelope. Overall we enjoyed STEM day and now we are leaving this year, we hope other year groups when they come to do it will enjoy it just as much. This also can help later on in life as there is high demand for these sorts of workers in different jobs.
Alex W and Alfie M

On Tuesday 1st November, Year 8 participated in fun day full of thrilling activities, related to science, engineering, technology and maths. We were split into our houses ready to start the activities. Coquet started with street science, delivered by Clare from Newcastle University. We began by doing some optical illusion experiments, and then we were asked to perform our own street science inspired experiments. When the bell rang, we were reluctant to leave our great lesson, although we were optimistic about our next challenge. Then Coquet moved on to an intriguing murder mystery with the help of Will, also from Newcastle University. We used maths to help us find the murderer, who was Rowan Atkinson! We next moved on to another great maths themed lesson in which we made paper aeroplanes. Concluding our high as a kite lesson, we had a mini competition of who flew their plane the furthest! Unfortunately, Hannah didn’t win.
Hannah C, Katie C, and Olivia M

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