The children in Year Eight have been studying World War One poetry in time for Remembrance Day. They then wrote their own poems on the theme of remembrance. Here are five examples of remembrance poetry created by our pupils.

We shall remember'

We shall remember…
The 11th hour of the 11th day
In the 11th month, November
The church bells chime eleven times
The military salute, flags are lowered
Silence has begun for another time
We bow our heads
As the trees seem to sway
Thinking of those injured in hospital beds
Those who died
Those who survived
Will always be by our side

by Oliver C


Remember, remember the 11th of November
End of World War One.
Many soldiers died during the war,
Everyone is mournful.
Most families lost Dads, husbands and brothers,
But even though it’s over, witnesses still suffer.
Right before the solders’ eyes, innocent people lost their lives.
And still people lie in pain, hoping war won’t start again.
Now we sell poppies to raise money to help ex-soldiers and their families,
Come and buy poppies to remember all those who lost their lives,
Every time it’s the 11th of the 11th, take two minutes to remember.

by Lewis U



Blood red poppies weave among the crosses,
while people stand and mourn their losses,
2 minutes of silence to remember the brave,
those who fought in the war and couldn't be saved.

Remember the soldiers who fought in the war,
All the destruction and horror they saw,
When the time came they knew it was too late,
Now they just need to await their fate,
The dying soldiers breathe their last breath and fall in to a never ending sleep.

The last of the soldiers carried out the responsibilities of the dead,
Their paths are written in the stars and allowed to be led,
To glorious victory and peace once more,
All the soldiers who died fighting in the war,
Can be at peace at last in the poppy fields.

Years later the scarlet poppies are coming up again among the rows of crosses
While people who lost their precious sons, fathers and husbands mourn their losses,
The soldiers are never forgotten and remembered as brave,
The hundreds or even thousands who couldn't be saved.

by Molly W



Roses are red,
violets are blue.
I wear a poppy,
to remember you.

It was a sad day,
when you had to go.
I begged you to stay,
but you had to say no.

You wanted to fight,
for your Queen and Country,
your colleagues and countrymen,
friends and family.

You wrote every day,
lonely and scared,
trying to sound brave,
'It helped that I cared.'

The crashes and bangs,
the sounds all around,
the death and explosions,
and blood on the ground.

Smoke and trenches,
loss and despair,
the sweat that drenches,
screams in the air.

You would never know,
how your medals shone.
A shot and a blow,
and then you were gone...

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
I wear a poppy,
to remember you.

by Alfie M 


My life goes on:
My life goes on,
Though so many are missed
A father, a son,
By my thoughts he is kissed.
I remember, I remember
when he would gaze in to my eyes,
Our golden lives, free from deceit and lies.
What would you do if you lost someone so dear?
Lord help me see this through the clear.
I still close my eyes, and imagine he's here,
But I wake up from my dream with a sorry tear.
I fight through the tears, as he fought for me,
Although I am in no way as selfless as he.
I loved him, I love him, even now he's gone,
Because, still, my life goes on.

by Jessie S