Students have met during the Autumn term to discuss a range of topics. One of the more interesting topics debated required students to decide between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the next future President of the U.S. After watching some of the televised Presidential debates, students had to exchange their views on each candidate. When it came to the vote on who was the best person to be the leader of one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world there were mixed opinions.

Most recently, members met and considered how they would spend £500 to improve the school. There were many different opinions shared and we are next going to see pupils debate two suggestions. It is hoped that our School Parliament and Councillors look further at creative ways of generating funds and engaging the student body in deciding how any income could be spent.

Parliament News
Parliament Members and Councillors are to discuss the potential of having an elected Student Mayor to run Parliament. A recent poll of students showed that 75% of students were in favour of this role. We are planning on having our own referendum style vote to decide if we should have an elected Student Mayor. Naturally, this new post will need to be debated further and it is hoped Parliament and HMS Debate Society with play a role in developing a greater understanding of how this would work in practice.