Year 7 and 8 have been treated to an excellent programme of workshops with student ambassadors from Newcastle University.

Both year groups took part in ‘Universi-tree’ which encourages pupils to consider career flight plans that can be undertaken to achieve their goals and aspirations. A key message was that students do not necessarily have to go to University to reach their potential, but in some careers it is a necessary pre-requisite to have a degree. Students looked at how different combinations of GCSEs and 'A' Levels, or their equivalent, can help inform potential subject choices in high school and courses beyond Key Stage 5.

Year 7 also took part, as part of the Humanities programme, in a workshop in Urban Planning. This was a cross-curricular task getting students to consider what is important in our urban environment, how people value different things and how these groups use our urban environments. Students also had to consider how Town Planners influenced the way our urban environments have evolved.

Year 8 participated in the 'I have a dream' workshop, in which they developed their speech writing skills. Inspired by Martin Luther King's famous speech, students were allowed to explore their hopes and dreams and how they would like to influence the world around them.