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Written by Breanna, Year 7

On Wednesday the 15th February the Year 7 pupils were kindly visited by Sir Robert McAlpine. They engineers explained to us about the structure of bridges and how maths is used to design them. The exciting part of our session was getting to build our own bridges out of paper tubes, nuts and bolts.

In groups we rolled up the paper to form tubes and secured them with sellotape. To make the bridge from 16 paper tubes we hole punched the ends and bolted them together, making triangles the main part of the structure (as triangles are the strongest). Doing this workshop helped us with our maths as we had to work out which shape would be structurally strongest and it helped us with our teamwork. Even though we were learning a lot it was very fun. Once we had built our bridges we had to test their strength. Well done to Ava, Jessica, Isabella, Ellen, Erin and Isabel who built the strongest bridge which could hold 3500g before it began to warp!