Learning times tables is a fundamental skill for our Key Stage 2 pupils. The National Curriculum states that pupils should recall and use multiplication and division facts for multiplications tables up to 12 x 12. Once a pupil has secured this objective, their mathematical understanding and rapid recall will dramatically improve.

In Years 5 and 6, we ask that pupils practise their times tables at home regularly. We suggest that pupils use: Hit the Button (which can be downloaded as an app or used online); use multiplication grids from our school website; write out and memorise key number facts or use a song/rhyme to remember. Any support you can offer with this would be much appreciated. Make a note of their practice in their planner, and we’ll reward pupils with house plus points.

In addition to their weekly homework, we ask pupils to practise times tables weekly in preparation for a short test. The test will focus on a key times table(s) and will include division facts. Pupils will also have opportunities to practise during form times.