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On 23 November 2017, at 10.00am, eight Year 8 boys were part of an HMS team in a cricket tournament at Wentworth Leisure Centre.

HMS, Highfiled, Ovingham, Corbridge and St Josephs were competing to represent Tyndale in the County finals. HMS scored over 100 runs in every game, with a top score of 127 in eight overs. They were unbeaten throughout, and won the festival.

Playing for HMS were Will M, Jake R, Seth R, Andrew C, Dan S, Dan C, Jack M and Luke R.

Dan C and Andrew's quick fire batting kept the run rate high, whilst Jake's economical bowling kept the opponents' score low. Will's top score of 56 not out, and Seth's leaping one handed catch along with Dan S, Jack and Luke's all round performances helped the team succeed.

It was a fantastic day, full of success, fun and team spirit.