When you discover that students have designed and made something outside school and want to share it with you, most teachers will use this as an opportunity to show their praise and acknowledge effort.

I was particularly impressed when presented with a prototype for a trainer which would have commercial appeal. Using a range of materials and some components, the prototype was created using a mould. I was able to use this as an excellent resource to showcase a successful outcome, as well as relate this to their Dyson Design Box project in Year 6. From their first showcase, I was then presented by another two designs. The plan for these gentlemen is develop more concepts. Who knows, they may even set up their own company!

Pupils involved in this creation are Benedict S, Robert C, Oliver R, Zach M, Wilf D and Alexander N. Each pupil has a specific role within the design team. Well done gentlemen.

Aim High!

Mr Freeman-Myers


Click on the thumbnails below to see more photos of the designs: