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On 5 July 2018, leaving early evening, 36 Year 7 pupils and five members of staff travelled to Chateau Beaumont, Laval in the Loire Valley. The journey was long but it was well worth it.

On arrival, we were greeted by glorious sunshine and this lasted for the whole weekend. During the visit pupils experienced lots of French culture and enjoyed their time at Fougères Castle and the impressive Mont Saint Michel. Pupils also had the opportunity to speak to the locals in French whilst at the market.

The French night was a particular highlight for all pupils not only because they got to dress up but they were able to sample snails and frog's legs. Most pupils enjoyed the local delicacies. We were also successful during the French Quiz and Eiffel Tower building; a group of Hexham Middle School girls triumphed and built the best ‘tour Eiffel’.

A great trip was had by all!