"Order, Order!" Mr. Speaker (Jacob Smith) opens and convenes HMS Parliament.

New for 2016-17, Hexham Middle School has introduced HMS Parliament. In our last newsletter, we were delighted to announce the appointment of Councillors and Members of Parliament. On Monday 18 October 2016, Councillors and MP's met in Beaumont Library. A welcome reception of juice and biscuits, and an opening photograph was then followed by the first session.

Pupils learned the etiquette for Parliament, how to address people and the rules for discussion and debate.

Head Boy and Head Girl appointed

There was tremendous uptake in pupils applying for the position of Head Boy and Girl this year. The process of application involved a letter to Mrs Minto, an interview and staff recommendations. The Head Boy and Girl position is offered to pupils in Year 8 and represents an opportunity for successful candidates to demonstrate their leadership skills. There was an exceptionally strong field of candidates this year and everyone performed very well at interview. Over the coming year, the Head Boy and Girl and their deputies will be required to support activities and events in the school as well as help steer the management of School Parliament.

The HMS newsletter contains school news, information about upcoming events in and outside of school, general notices for parents/carers and dates for your diary.

An electronic copy of the latest edition (14 October 2016) is available on the Publications page.

On Monday 26 September 2016, along with lots of other schools in the UK and across Europe, Hexham Middle School celebrated European Day of Languages (EDL). This is an annual celebration to recognise the linguistic diversity in Europe and promote language learning.

Pupils took part in quizzes on the day to show how much they knew about Europe as well as participating in language taster sessions throughout the week. Pupils were given the opportunity to learn: Dutch, German, Russian and Swedish. Lots of fun was had by all participants!

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Two HMS girls' teams participated in the U11 Girls' West Tyne tournament. The A team was made up from Year 6; while the B team was made up from Year 5 girls. Despite this being the first time a lot of these girls have played in competitive games, they all competed well and played with a smile.

Thursday 3 November 2016, 6.00pm to 7.30pm

We would like to invite you all to attend a Key Stage Two Curriculum Information Evening. The purpose of this session is to share with you the new teaching methods, curriculum content and approaches to assessment in English and maths. In a time of on-going change in education, we thought it might be useful for you as parents/carers to gain an up-to-date insight into the work your children do on a day-to-day basis.

The evening will involve: a short presentation from the Heads of English and Maths; opportunities to see real examples of tasks; an update on key methods in maths and grammatical terminology in English, and a chance for you to us ask any questions you may have. We will also discuss our expectations for homework completion and show you resources that you can use to support English and maths at home.