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On the 2 November, a group of ten pupils from Years 7 and 8 went to Gosforth Central Middle School to compete in the Kids’ Lit Quiz. A series of 100 questions were asked under strange categories such as ‘cannibalism’ and ‘cutlery’. This year there was a record number of teams who entered, with a total of 36 teams made up of 4 people competing for a place at the national finals in London. The competition was very close throughout, with both of our teams placing within the top half. At the quiz there were some of the highest scores that Wayne Mills (the creator of the competition and quiz master) had ever seen. A particular highlight was when the Year 7 team won the tie breaker prize of four books. Two other prizes of £2 were won by our pupils. Overall we all enjoyed the experience and the Year 7 pupils are planning to apply again next year.

Phoebe W, Freya M and Rose J

Thank you to all parents/carers who attended the recent 'Curriculum Information' session for Key Stage Two. We hope you found the session useful and that you feel that more informed with techniques to support your child's home-learning for the new National Curriculum. All of the resources that we referred to during the evening have now been added to the Supporting English and maths at home page under the 'Curriculum' tab. If anyone requires paper copies, please contact Mr Watters or Mrs Roff in school. If you'd like any further information, don't hesitate to get in touch! Keep an eye out for future information events. Thanks again.

Mr Watters and Mrs Roff

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On Tuesday 1 November 2016 Year 8 pupils took part in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) activities day, and then wrote about their experience:

On STEM day, I took part in many different activities across the school. These ranged from making a rainbow drink with different sugar densities in food technology to making and testing paper aeroplanes in maths. I enjoyed all the activities, but my favourite was DT when we designed a product using a smart material. I think STEM day was a good idea, because the subjects we explored are very important in the world today, and it is important to inspire people to take more interest in them as there high demand for workers in these subjects.
Louis D

The Autumn sunshine was on our side as all of Year 6 made their way to the coast for a day exploring the setting of our novel Kingdom by the Sea by Robert Westall. The pupils are thoroughly enjoying the novel which is set along the Northumberland coastline in the midst of World War 2. Our day included: poetry writing in the sand at Longsands Beach; beach combing and sculpture building taking on the role of Joseph Kielty; exploring Collingwood's monument; soaking in the landscape of the setting and sketching as well as descriptive writing which will influence our creative writing back in class. Of course, any trip to Tynemouth would not be complete without enjoying Harry's favourite delicacy (Harry enjoys several visits to the local fish and chip shop with the last of his money) so we enjoyed our chips on the sea-front! An inspirational day which the children really enjoyed!

Mr Watters and Mrs Roff

"Order, Order!" Mr. Speaker (Jacob Smith) opens and convenes HMS Parliament.

New for 2016-17, Hexham Middle School has introduced HMS Parliament. In our last newsletter, we were delighted to announce the appointment of Councillors and Members of Parliament. On Monday 18 October 2016, Councillors and MP's met in Beaumont Library. A welcome reception of juice and biscuits, and an opening photograph was then followed by the first session.

Pupils learned the etiquette for Parliament, how to address people and the rules for discussion and debate.

Head Boy and Head Girl appointed

There was tremendous uptake in pupils applying for the position of Head Boy and Girl this year. The process of application involved a letter to Mrs Minto, an interview and staff recommendations. The Head Boy and Girl position is offered to pupils in Year 8 and represents an opportunity for successful candidates to demonstrate their leadership skills. There was an exceptionally strong field of candidates this year and everyone performed very well at interview. Over the coming year, the Head Boy and Girl and their deputies will be required to support activities and events in the school as well as help steer the management of School Parliament.