Excellent pastoral care is at the heart of what we do at Hexham Middle School as we believe that children who feel safe, secure and happy, learn better.

We understand the importance of knowing that your child attends a school where their wellbeing and happiness is viewed as paramount. We are very proud of our reputation as a caring school and we value each child as an individual.

We operate effective transition arrangements working closely with our feeder first schools in the months leading up to transition. Children and parents are invited to visit the school. Children spend time sampling lessons, meeting staff, making new friends and becoming familiar with their new surroundings.

Year 5 are taught in their own block within the primary model by specialist staff who are fully committed to ensuring that this first key year at middle school is happy and successful both socially and academically.

Children are placed in form groups and are taught predominantly by their form tutor. This allows the teacher to gain an excellent understanding of each individual. Within their role as tutor they take responsibility for overseeing the personal development and wellbeing of each child and act as a first point of contact for parents.

Form tutors are supported by year leaders who are responsible for the overall welfare of children in their year group. They work in conjunction with tutors, subject staff and parents to monitor the social and academic progress of all pupils.

A positive working relationship with parents is vitally important to us and we welcome parents’ views and encourage their support. We aim to keep parents fully informed of all aspects of their child’s progress at school and to this end we have regular parent, open and information evenings.

We also have a Parent Forum which is a more formal setting in which to discuss the progress and development of the school. We benefit greatly from having a vibrant and thriving PTA which organises a range of excellent activities and supports the school throughout the year.

We believe that learning is best achieved in a disciplined environment. Consequently we expect all of our pupils to behave in a sensible and responsible manner. Unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated and will be handled in an appropriate manner.

Our school is a happy school in which to learn and teach and pupils enjoy school and feel valued, consequently behaviour is of a high standard. Ofsted reported in January 2014, ‘Pupils have good attitudes to learning, behave well, feel safe and are proud of their school.’

Pupils are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life and to develop leadership qualities. This contributes to a very positive ethos around school and high levels of enjoyment and engagement.

We operate a very successful reward system which recognises good effort and attitude and which we believe encourages all pupils to do their best.