Assembly Schedule

We value the contribution that assemblies make to enriching pupils’ personal development.  When pupils convene as a year group, it creates a greater sense of community.  Coming together, once a week, to receive a themed assembly, allows pupils to explore their understanding and appreciation of the world (including spiritual, moral, cultural and social dimensions), aspects of their own personal development, safety and wellbeing, and the world of work. Much thought has been given to the themes and sequencing of our assembly programme.  We highlight specific national or international awareness days as well as seek to build upon learning that takes place within the classroom.  Sometimes, assemblies can be an excellent introductory platform for new concepts which pupils then gain greater levels of knowledge and understanding in, applying what they have learned in different contexts and subjects.

Please find below links to our assembly schedule for each half term.  If you would like to have a discussion about any topics, please feel free to make contact initially with your child’s form tutor who will then liaise with the relevant key stage Pastoral Leader or staff member delivering the assembly.

At the end of each week, resources shared in the assembly are uploaded to our website (below). We encourage parents/carers to have follow-up conversations about the different content and concepts. Thank you in advance for your support in the reinforcement of key messages shared in assembly and an elaboration on the assembly theme at home.

Please see below our recent assemblies: 

Summer 2022

Spring 2022

Autumn 2021