We would like to draw your attention to the great range of clubs that take place both at lunchtime and after school at Hexham Middle School.  Please see below, where we have outlined all the different clubs by day order and where we have identified the essential skills that these different activities can help build in our pupils.

For any activities, pupils can approach the member of staff regarding joining instructions;  for out-of-hours clubs, they can have a discussion with the club organiser, and we will send a consent form home for parents/carers to complete.  Please note that some out-of-hours clubs are over-subscribed and are currently operating on a carousel to ensure all pupils can participate.  We encourage pupils to discuss with club organisers and we will do all we can to ensure maximum participation.

We believe that a broad and engaging extra-curricular programme is very important and we believe it allows our pupils to:

  • Learn new skills or improve existing ones
  • Take responsibility
  • Represent the school
  • Explore and develop gifts and talents
  • Make new friends
  • Develop character traits including resilience and determination
  • Consolidate subject matter

We strive to provide meaningful experiences that are in demand by our pupils and it is actively encouraged that suggestions are made for new club ideas. We are not precious about our extra-curricular offer and accept that this palette of enrichment is dynamic. Pupils can suggest ideas to members of staff, their form tutors or even use our School Parliament as a communication channel.

Please note the sports clubs are weather-dependent and are subject to change if there are upcoming fix.

HMS Extra-Curricular & Clubs (2023-2024)

Please see list of clubs and activities, split by lunchtime and after school, below:

Last updated 28 March 2024

Permissions Form

Our extracurricular clubs registration form is now closed for Summer Term 2024. We only have some limited space available in the following clubs: Rounders, KS3 Girls Football, Pokemon, Dance, Multi Games, KS2 and KS3 Rugby.  All other clubs are currently full.

Parents/Carers should email any late requests to Club leader will review if there are any spaces available.

After School Clubs Sign Up – please complete the online form here to sign up for after school clubs.

More information on our extra-curricular opportunities can be found here.

Prospective Clubs

We are always seeking ideas for different clubs that may be of interest to pupils.  Any suggestion for a club can be forwarded to Mr Freeman-Myers.  Pupils can also talk to their form tutor in the first instance.  As a school, we will explore the feasibility of new club suggestions in terms of staffing and venues.  We will also endeavour to review the viability of clubs.  If certain clubs prove unpopular, amendments may be made to respond to demand.  Please read our Guidance and expectations for extra-curricular activities (PDF)