This list shows you the range of activities in which you can take part at Hexham Middle School.

As you will see, there is a wide range of activities which we would encourage your child to try. They are scheduled at lunchtimes and after school. For all clubs which take place during the school day, your child simply needs to go along and join in. For the after school clubs, please ensure that your child collects the relevant letter from the teacher who runs the club and you complete it and it is returned to school. If you have any questions, please contact school.

We believe that a broad and engaging extra-curricular programme is very important and we believe it allows our pupils to:

  • Learn new skills or improve existing ones
  • Take responsibility
  • Represent the school
  • Explore and develop your talents
  • Make new friends
  • Consolidate subject matter

If you have any further ideas for suitable activities which are not in this programme please speak to Mrs Frankish, Deputy Headteacher. Make the most of your time at Hexham Middle School and have fun!

For all after school clubs, please ensure that you have completed and returned the relevant permission slip which can be obtained from the club leader.

Please note the sports clubs are weather dependent and are subject to change if there are upcoming fixtures.

ClubFor who?When?Where?Staff
Hall SportsYears 5 & 6LunchtimeMr Barry and Sports Leaders
Active Band SupportAll yearsLunchtimeMr Macmillan
Badminton ClubAll yearsLunchtimeFellside HallMr Gaines
Girls RugbyYears 7 & 8LunchtimeMr Todhunter
Prefect ClubY8 Prefects12.30–1.00pmB3Mrs Tanner
Art ClubYear 5 & 612.30–1.00pmB12Mr Cousins
Comic ClubYear 712.45–1.15pmO3Mr Anderson/Mrs Hall
Latin ClubYear 5 & 612.45–1.15pmO4Mr Armstrong, Ms Carruthers,
Mr Anderson, Mrs Alderson
String GroupAll years12.35–1.15pmB8Mr Holdsworth
Quiet SpaceYears 6, 7, 812.30–1.15pmBeaumont LibraryMrs Jackson
Base PE ClubSelected pupilsLunchtimeMr Barry
NetballYears 5 & 6LunchtimeMrs Stewart
ChoirYears 7 & 812.35–1.25pmB8Mr Holdsworth
Japanese ClubYear 512.45–1.15pmO3Mr Anderson
Private Study GroupYears 7 & 812.40-1.15pmB7Miss Kwella
Comedy ClubAll years12.30–1.00pmB3Mrs Tanner
OrchestraAll years3.45–4.45pmFellside HallMr Holdsworth
Dance (Boys & Girls)All yearsAfter schoolMolly Stroyan
Year 5 Sports NightYear 5After schoolMr Macmillan
FootballYears 7 & 8After schoolMr Barry
FootballYears 5 & 6LunchtimeMr Barry and Sports Leaders
Computer ClubYears 5 & 612.45–1.15pmO5Miss Kingett
Maths Homework ClubYears 7 & 812.45–1.15pmF3Mr Graham/Mrs Bond
Quiet SpaceYears 6, 7, 812..30–1.15pmBeaumont LibraryDr Knowles
FitnessYears 7 & 8After schoolMr Barry
ChoirYears 5 & 612.35–1.25pmB8Mr Holdsworth
Film ClubYears 5 & 612.30–1.15pmF4Mrs Bond
Art ClubYears 7 & 812.40–1.25pmB12Mr Cousins
Language LeadersYear 812.45–1.15pmF6Mr Armstrong
Dance (Boys & Girls)All yearsLunchtimeMolly Stroyan
NetballYears 7 & 8LunchtimeMiss Aynsley
Boys RugbyYears 5 & 6LunchtimeMr Todhunter
Sugarcraft *Years 7 & 83.30–4.30pmB10Miss Kwella
Girls Multi Sports NightAll yearsAfter schoolMr Barry
Homework ClubYears 5 & 612.30–1.15pmO4Mrs Alderson
‘Buds’ Quad SquadAll years12.30–1.25pmBeaumont QuadMr Freeman-Myers
Science ClubYear 712.40–1.25pmF7Mrs Gregory
Quiet SpaceYears 6, 7, 812.30–1.15pmBeaumont LibraryMrs Nichol
Hall SportsYears 7 & 8LunchtimeMr Barry
Fit Bit ClubAll yearsLunchtimeMr Gaines
CricketYears 5 & 6After schoolTom Cant
Rock Band Years 7 & 83.30–4.30pmFellside Hall or B8Mr Holdsworth

*financial contribution required for supply of ingredients.

Digital Leaders Club operates every day at break and lunchtime in F8.