Our PSHE curriculum develops and deepens pupils’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law, mutual respect and tolerance. It also deals with real-life issues affecting young people, families and communities. It is concerned with the social, health and economic realities of their lives, experiences and attitudes, including relationships. Our curriculum supports pupils to be healthy, both mentally and physically, safe, and equipped to thrive in their relationships and careers. Our focus on sex and relationship education (RSE) develops pupils’ age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships. 

PSHE at Hexham Middle School covers the core themes of Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships. Within these core themes the following elements are also explored, including:

  • Celebrating diversity and equality
  • Relationships and sex education 
  • Staying safe online and offline
  • Health and wellbeing (including physical and mental fitness)
  • Rights, responsibilities and British values
  • Life beyond school (careers and economics)
  • All topics are taught at an age-appropriate level and build on previous learning and knowledge

How is PSHE implemented and monitored for impact?

  • Long-term PSHE Curriculum planning 
  • KS2 receive 1 lesson every fortnight. 
  • KS3 receive 2 lessons every fortnight.
  • Opportunities for self reflection and verbal feedback from staff.
  • The subject is evaluated as part of the Quality of Education review process, led by the Curriculum Leader and SLT link. This includes learning and monitoring walks and pupil panels. 
  • A blended resource bank including resources from PSHE Association. 
  • Difficult and sensitive content embedded within the curriculum alongside enrichment events, talks, workshops and assemblies.
  • Link Trustee review.