Pupils know and understand what equality and protected characteristics are. We actively encourage our pupils to feel passionate about equality and the benefits a diversity can have on our school community 

Pupils sign up to an extracurricular Participation Pledge which can help to develop their understanding of diversity and inclusion. Pupils are aware and reminded that if they treat other pupils or staff unfairly, there are clear sanctions. Pupils are given opportunities across the curriculum to discuss key challenges that we face towards prejudice, stereotyping and discriminatory behaviour; this includes responding to homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in an age-appropriate way. 

How are equality and diversity implemented and monitored for impact?

We are not a widely, ethnically-diverse community, but do welcome pupils, staff and visitors from all backgrounds. Our school community is growing steadily and this draws on a catchment area across a large part of the neighbouring Tyne Valley. We prioritise Equality and Diversity in our assembly programme. There is an Ally Zone in school for those pupils who wish to learn more about diversity and inclusion.