The HMS school uniform was chosen after consultation with parents, governors and pupils. The agreed school wear reflects the school’s aims, ethos and aspirations as a place of learning. It is smart and sensible for everyday wear and presents a good image of the pupils and their school when they are on public display. The school colours are green and white and these are mirrored in pupils’ sportswear.

Uniform should be appropriate both with regard to the uniform guidance (see below) and in the judgement of Senior Staff.

The HMS school uniform comprises of:

  • School sweatshirt with HMS school logo
  • White polo shirt
  • Plain black/grey formal school skirt, trousers or shorts (denim, leggings/legging-type trousers, or casual trousers are not acceptable)
  • Plain, black low-heeled polishable shoes or ankle boots. No trainers, sandals or canvas shoes.
    No named shoes such as Vans, Adidas, Nike, Puma or Converse. *

* for health and safety reasons pupils will be expected to change their footwear for PE lessons.

HMS uniform can be ordered directly from Ian Millar, who was the owner of Greggs Sports. He can be contacted on 07540 338680 or

  • General Guidance
  • Further Guidance
  • Equipment Required for School
  • Jewellery - watches and stud earrings are acceptable. One stud earring per ear lobe is acceptable.
  • Small plain black belts are acceptable
  • No make-up
  • No nail varnish
  • No extreme hairstyles (no shaved patterns/areas, no dyed hair)

In order to assist parents and pupils to comply with the school's uniform code, further clarification is given below.

School Sweatshirts

  • Students must wear/bring a school sweatshirt to school every day.
  • No other sweatshirts must be worn within school.
  • No cardigans or jumpers must be worn.
  • If an additional layer is needed it should be a coat, jacket or a plain zipped sweatshirt. It must be removed upon arrival at school.

School Trousers/Skirts

  • Formal school trousers do not include black jeans, black canvas trousers of any type, or cotton chino trousers.
  • The trousers should not have any rivets/studs in the pockets.
  • Trousers should also be full length and not rolled up at the ankle. Leggings/leggings style trousers of any type are not acceptable.
  • Skirts and shorts should be of a respectable length. Very short, tight, tube style skirts are not appropriate. Knee length skirts and shorts are appropriate.

PE Kit

  • Green HMS polo shirt
  • Black shorts - black football style shorts or knee-length Lycra cycling shorts
  • Black full length Lycra sports leggings
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Green HMS logo hooded top
  • Black base layer
  • Green football socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots - moulded studded boots are recommended as they are more comfortable on feet if you are not used to wearing them.
  • Shin pads and an appropriate sized and fitted mouth guard

PE Kit Tips

  • PE bag should be large enough to accommodate all kit, boots and trainers.
  • Write the pupil's surname along the foot of PE socks in permanent pen.
  • Write names on the inside of hems as well as on labels.
  • For health and safety reasons pupils will be expected to change their footwear for PE lessons.


  • Plain grey, white or black socks or tights

Mobile Phones

Pupils are allowed to bring a mobile phone to school. However they must be switched off when arriving at school. They must not be used/ checked during the school day. If parents/carers need to urgently contact their child during the school day please contact the school office (01434 602533). If a matter is urgent pupils can contact parents/carers at break or lunch from the school office. Mobile phones are brought at pupils’ own risk and school does not accept any responsibility for the loss of mobile phones.

It is expected that pupils should have the appropriate equipment to carry out their lessons at school/activities after school.

This includes:

  • A bag, large enough to carry an A4 file and other books etc. The bag should be brought to school every day.

The bag should contain a:

  • Reading book
  • Pencil case
  • Planner (provided at the start of the year by school)
  • Black pen, blue pen, green pen and spares
  • Pencil and spare
  • 30cm ruler
  • Rubber
  • Glue stick
  • Notebook/jotter
  • Scientific calculator (KS3 only)
  • A4 folder secured with elastic or a zip large enough for a reading book, A4 exercise book(s) and student planner to fit inside. This would normally be made from plastic or fabric.
  • Water bottle with sports cap 

A separate bag will be needed for their PE kit.

Pupils may also bring a small purse-like bag which they can keep with them at all times to carry their mobile phone and purse/wallet.

All equipment should be clearly named.

This equipment is essential for pupils to learn effectively and it allows for a prompt start to lessons.