Sequence of Learning

Autumn Term

Aztec Wind Chime

  • Introduction to tools and equipment in the workshop.
  • Developing confidence in making skills.

Spring Term

  • Chinese inventions – kite making
  • Funky Furnishings

Summer Term

Landmark Structure Project

  • Developing a model for a new landmark building in Hexham.
  • Crafting skills: working with paper, card and board.
  • Cross-curricular links with Geography (interpreting aerial photographs).

Building Bridges

  • Outdoor structures challenge
  • Cross-curricular links for Science/Explore.

Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms

Personal desk stationery storage system

  • The design cycle/process
  • Quiz: drawing techniques
  • Materials and tools
  • Quiz: properties of material
  • Quiz: tools and equipment
  • Final written/design assessment

Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms

Lighting Design Project

  • Research/design ideas development
  • Drawing skill practice portfolio
  • Revision for assessment including practice questions (GCSE style)