We believe an essential element of careers education, is the partnership between parent/carer and school.  In order for young people to realise their potential and get the best possibly start in life, parents and carers need to have access to valid and valuable information which helps young people to enquire further and explore different sources of information to help inform potential decision-making moments. 

Independent Careers Guidance

At Hexham Middle School we have access to an independent careers guidance manager (Sarah Sunderland).  Although she primarily works with students in Queen Elizabeth High School, we are able to provide pupils in year 7 and 8 with access to her, developing careers conversations, when necessary.  If you feel that this would be of benefit to your child, please contact Paul Freeman-Myers (Careers Leader) on 01434 610300 or email admin@hexhammiddle.org.uk 

Labour Market Information (LMI)

Having knowledge of the different jobs and industrial sectors in our economy is an important part of the jigsaw in helping people to make sense of the world of work. There are many different sources of information that you can refer to, to help learn more about different areas of economic growth as well as salary and wage trends. Young people may well go on to make an economic contribution beyond the north east region. For this reason, it is important that young people know how to access LMI, which exists at a national as well as regional and local level. 

Hexham Middle School is a Careers Wave Hub school and works closely with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP). This organisation believes that our region is fantastically placed to make substantial economic contributions. 

Our careers programme seeks to provide opportunities for our pupils to know more about areas of strategic importance. This has been planned so that pupils are exposed to opportunities from year 5 through to year 8. At Hexham Middle School we acknowledge our role in helping to enable the development of expertise and experience in areas of economic growth. 

Other Useful Sources of Information:


The vast majority of our pupils transition up to QEHS. 

Useful links for careers guidance and advice

If any parent/carer would like to offer any suggestions or get involved in our careers education provision, please contact Paul Freeman-Myers (Assistant Headteacher at Hexham Middle School) and Careers Leader for Hadrian Learning Trust on 01434 610300 or email admin@hexhammiddle.org.uk