At Hexham Middle School we develop pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy, provide guidance in making healthy diet choices and maintain an active lifestyle, including giving ample opportunities for them to be active during the school day and through extra-curricular activities. We encourage participation in a wide range of extra-curricular activities including sport, music, art and culture, and we believe that every pupil should have an opportunity to engage in this aspect of school life.  

For more details about our extra-curricular offer please follow this link. By taking part in these and other broader, enrichment activities in and out of school, pupils develop increased confidence aids social interaction skills, motivation, increased aspiration to go onto higher or further education or training, more transferable skills, and a sense of wellbeing and belonging.  We actively encourage pupils to pledge a commitment for wider participation in school life; this is written into our core values of respect, engage and aspire.   Our Participation Pledge incentivises pupils to engage and live life to the full.