Thank you for visiting the Hexham Middle School website. Hexham Middle School is a friendly, happy, welcoming school where our young people feel safe and secure and are enabled to thrive.

As a school we are committed to being the best that we can be. We are ambitious for our school and for the pupils who come here, and are committed to working with passion and purpose to achieve our aims.

The key to our success as a school is great teaching, in every classroom, every lesson, every day for every pupil, so that all pupils make the progress that they should.

We are also firmly focused on providing outstanding care, guidance and support for our pupils, looking after and looking out for each child as an individual. In addition, we are committed to the provision of excellent extra-curricular opportunities beyond the classroom, so that all of our pupils have a rewarding and enjoyable time with us as they develop their interests and talents.

Mr Atkins
Executive Headteacher