Frozen Kingdom

Hola Mexico!

Beast Creator

Off with her head!


Scream Machine


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Non-fiction texts

The Titanic Disaster

Recount – newspaper article.

Narrative – descriptive piece.


Adjectives, synonyms, homophones, nouns, noun phrases & complex sentence structures.

Assessment (6 hours a week): Transition writing (transfer day), GL Progress test, weekly spelling tests

Modern fiction

Holes by Louis Sachar


Persuasive writing – persuasive leaflet.

Narrative – diary entry/letter in role.

Reading comprehension.


Homophones, idioms, palindromes, commands and complex sentence structures, verbs.

Assessment (6 hours a week): 2015 SATs paper + SPAG, weekly spelling tests

Traditional tales

Just so stories


Narrative – understanding features of a genre, creation of an original Just So story.


Speech punctuation, clauses, use of colons, semi-colons and pronouns.

Assessment (6 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, comprehension in class based on class novel

Narrative poetry

The Highwayman 


Figurative language, writing verse, rhyme schemes, reading comprehension.


Spelling patterns, syllables, figurative language.

Assessment (6 hours a week): 2014 SATs paper + SPAG, weekly spelling tests

Classic Literature

The Railway Children


Narrative – writing in role as characters, prediction, detailed comprehension and character analysis.

Non-fiction – understanding of life in the Victorian Era.


Complex sentence structures including relative clauses, relative pronouns, verb tenses, adverbs, use of the full range of punctuation.

Assessment Summer 1 (6 hours a week): comprehension based on class novel, weekly spelling tests

Assessment Summer 2 (6 hours a week): weekly spelling tests, EoY SATs assessment (2013 paper + SPAG)


Place value to 1,000,000

Ordering and rounding

Negative numbers and Roman Numerals

Addition and subtraction

Multi-step problem solving

Mental calculations

Time and timetables, graphs and charts

Multiplication and division

Multiples, factors, primes

Square and cube numbers

Perimeter and area

Measurement, conversion with problem solving and reasoning

Written methods for the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Fractions: comparing, ordering, equivalence, calculations, mixed numbers and problem solving

Decimals: comparing, ordering and rounding (with 3 decimal places)

Problem solving with decimal numbers

Working with percentages

Identifying missing angles

Geometry: 2D and 3D shapes

Geometry: Transformations and Coordinates

Statistics problem solving and an introduction to pie charts

Introduction to volume

Four operations: problem solving with money

Summer project


Materials World

Properties of a broad range of materials. Reversible changes including evaporating, filtering, sieving, melting and dissolving.

The processes of melting and dissolving.

Growing Up and Growing Old

Stages in the growth and development of humans.

Changes experienced in puberty.

Out of this world

The sun, Earth and planets.


Let’s get Moving

Forces and air resistance

Circle of Life

Life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds.

 Life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.

The school environment.



Frozen Kingdom


Features of the polar region.

Polar Explorers (including a visit from Conrad Dickinson).

Geography skills (using an atlas, longitude and latitude).

Emigration in the early 1900s.

French - Weather and climate.

Hola Mexico!


Where is Mexico?

The human and physical features of Mexico.

Ancient Maya Civilisation.

The Spanish invasion.

An introduction to Spanish.

Beast Creator

Extreme earth.

Rainforests and deforestation.

Global warming.

French - Colours and animals.

Off with her head!

Crime and punishment.

The Tudors.

French - Classroom commands.


Significant historical figures

(Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton).

The 1960 space race.

Recognising geographical features from space.

French – Shapes.

Scream Machine


Tourism in the UK.

Theme parks around the world.

Design a rollercoaster.

French - Ordering food on holiday.



Exploring and using different forms of artists’ materials.


What is colour?

Blending colours using pastels.

Harmonising and complementary colour.

Hybrid dinosaurs

Believable space

Believable space in picture making.

How do artists create the illusion of depth?

Overlap drawings.


The Computer

Word processing.

Internet research & communication.

We are Game Developers

Scratch: Developing games.

We are Artists

3D Modelling using Sketch Up.

Controlling Devices

Controlling devices using Flowol.

We are Web Developers

Internet research and web design.

Amazing Bedrooms

Using and applying skills.

E Safety

Strong Passwords

Digital Citizenship Pledge

You've Won a Prize!

How to Cite a Site

Picture Perfect


Food Technology

Preparing and cooking savoury dishes, using a range of cooking techniques.

A healthy and varied diet.

How ingredients are grown, caught, reared and processed.

Food hygiene and safety in the kitchen,

The Eatwell Plate,

Simple sensory analysis.

Basic knife and cooking skills

Design Technology


The Colours of the Wind


Designing a wind chime product suitable for a domestic setting.


The percussion family

Composing music for effect

Group composition and performance

Music theory

Listening tests

 Instruments of the orchestra 

Carnival of the Animals (Saint Saens).

Composition and performance

Music theory

Rhythm, pitch, and dynamics

Music theory relating to music notation including dynamic markings

Music notation

Writing music using western musical notation

Composing melodies in the treble clef

Composing music for effect

Group composition and performance

Performing melodies

Using keyboards or tuned percussion instruments



Team games

Swimming rota

Run For1



Swimming rota

Invasion Games1



Swimming rota

Invasion Games 2



Swimming rota



Swimming rota

Striking and fielding;




Swimming rota


What does it mean to be part of a community?

Why are religious festivals important to those who have faith?

Christianity around the world


Who is Jesus?

Holy week

The importance of human rights?

What is the importance of family life?











Being me in my world

Celebrating differences

Dreams and goals

Healthy me


Changing me