HMS House Bake Off!

Twelve very talented bakers were selected to take part in the HMS bake off which took place on Monday. The bakers had 2 hours and 40 minutes to bake an animal-themed cake. The results were fantastic!

The judging was very difficult as all the cakes looked and tasted amazing. 

1st place – Star baker was awarded to Alice Williamson in 8-IHO for her lovely coconut panda cake. Well done, Alice!

2nd place was awarded to Niamh Macaulay for her chocolate sponge hedgehog cake.

3rd place was awarded to Katherine Hinchcliffe for her chocolate orange tiger cake with a marbled sponge.

4th place was awarded jointly to Emma Dransfield and Evie Dando. Emma produced a very cute chocolate ‘pig in the mud’ cake and Evie produced a brilliant giraffe cake!

The winning house was Aln. Well done to Aln!

The cakes were then sold at lunch time to raise money for Children in Need.

Well done to all the bakers and thank you to everyone for their support on the day!