Staffing for September 2020

We have now sent letters home containing detail of your child’s form tutor for September 2020. The new teaching teams are below. 

New class groups have been formed for year 6. This is due to an increase in pupil numbers meaning that the year group will now have four form classes. The class groups have been very carefully planned by Mrs Cave and the Year 5 teaching team who know the children very well.

As the current year 6 move into the secondary phase of their education, new form groups have been formed. The staff have worked hard to ensure that the classes will provide a smooth transition to Key Stage 3.

As Mr Atkins has mentioned in earlier correspondence, some teachers are moving on to pastures new at the end of the year and we wish each of them well. Mrs Curry will be joining the school as Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for pastoral care. We are also very pleased to inform you that we have recently appointed Mr Stephenson as the new Pastoral Leader for Key Stage 2; he will be leading years 5 and 6 from September. We are delighted to welcome Mr Nichol, Miss Downes, Mrs Hinchcliffe and Mrs Coldwell to our primary teaching team. Miss Prince, who is currently the Curriculum Leader of English, will be based with us full time until Mrs Roff returns from her maternity leave. Finally, in addition to his leadership of Key Stage 3, Mr Barry will become the school’s SENDCo from September, working alongside Mrs Adams and her team.

As most children are not currently in school, we have created new ‘Staff Profiles’ so the children can learn a bit more about their new form tutor. When children return to school next year, we will plan activities which will allow them to get to know their new tutor and class group and their well-being will be at the forefront of everything we do. We are confident that once children are back in the ‘normal routines’ of school, they will bounce back and we will be there to provide support if needed. 

We hope you understand that, due to data protection rules, we cannot share details regarding members of a class. Please be assured that a lot of time has been taken to create the groups and that extensive discussions among teams of staff have taken place. We know that change can be difficult for many people and we are always here to support the children with this. We are at the end of the phone and are more than happy to talk to your child about the transition to their new year group to reassure them if necessary.

We are really missing everyone that we haven’t seen since the start of lockdown and are looking forward to seeing them at their upcoming form class days. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Year 5

  • 5FHA – Mrs Hall
  • 5FHI – Mrs Hinchcliffe
  • 5EKI – Miss Kingett
  • 5JNI – Mr Nichol
  • Mrs Coldwell

Year 6

  • 6RAL – Mrs Alderson
  • 6MDO – Miss Downes
  • 6JJO – Mr Johnson
  • 6CPR – Miss Prince

Year 7

  • 7CAR – Mr Armstrong
  • 7IBO – Mrs Bond
  • 7CCA – Ms Carruthers
  • 7AMG – Mrs Gregory
  • Mr Forster

Year 8

  • 8PGA – Mr Gaines (takes 7SFO)
  • 8IHO – Mr Holdsworth (takes 7CCA)
  • 8JKW – Miss Kwella (takes 7AMG)
  • 8SLA – Miss Lawton (takes 7CAR)
  • 8EST – Mrs Stewart (takes 7JJO)
  • Mrs Tanner