Remembrance Art Project

A big thank you to all of the pupils and families who gave their egg boxes for our whole school Remembrance Art Project. Pupils in all year groups have worked to make our HMS display and create many poppies and poppy boxes to mark our reflection and for Remembrance; for all those who died for us. 

We massively surpassed our 515 target! This is the total number of people in our school community. Thank you!

Thank you to Lily RW and family who were big donators of supplies for our project. Thank you to Anna F who reminded Miss Lawton that we must make purple poppies for animals who have also lost their lives in conflict. 

Every pupils’ contribution was massively appreciated. We have placed an ‘honesty box’ in the Fellside Hall. If pupils and families wish to donate to ‘Help for Heroes’, please pop in your coins into the box and take away your chosen poppy or poppy box from the two tables. 

In light of Covid-19 the Poppy Appeal volunteers have been unable to collect for charities, as they would normally. At HMS we hope to support them! All poppies created at school have been completed by 6 November 2020, which avoids any cross contamination through handling. 

Please donate and collect your poppies before or after 11 November 2020! 

Miss Lawton