Year 5’s Winter Tale

This half term, Mrs. Hinchcliffe’s year 5 class have worked collaboratively with Live Tales to produce their very own (and very extraordinary) winter tale. Please read and enjoy this extract from their tale ‘Charlie De Fridgeo and the Labyrinth of Shadows’. A huge thank you to Mrs. Hinchcliffe and to Live Theatre for supporting our year 5 students with this great piece of work!

Chapter One – Snowy Situation 

Deep in the heart of a dense, snowy forest, the sort talked about in mythical tales, the season turned from autumn to winter. Close to a frozen lake a small white and mint spotted yeti was climbing a rickety ladder. As he climbed, his long, twisted horns and sharp claws ricochet off the ladder, which reached up to a cabin suspended in a Spruce tree. 

Frustrated, Snowball pulled his head away from the steps of the dilapidated ladder. It began to creak; then, without warning, broke into several pieces and collapsed to the floor. This left the yeti buried in snow, with only his Gucci baseball cap showing.  

The deafening crash woke a strange skeletal creature which stumbled to the entrance of the cabin. It was a bone chilling sight. No really… his bones were made of ice; instead of eyeballs he had he had snowballs; from his rib cage hung long pointed icicles.  Behind his ribcage his heart glowed jet black … a sure sign that he was infuriated! 

Wiping sleep from his snowballs, Charlie stumbled forward then … “aahhh!”  started to fall. He hurtled towards the ground. 

 “Snowball be a buddy and help a buddy,” he shouted, at the top of his non-existent lungs. Instantly, he stopped and seemed to levitate above the glistening crunchy snow.  Snowball had used his telekinesis powers to halt Charlie in mid-air. 

“I’ll lower you down now,” shouted Snowball, as he emerged from the mound of snow.  

“Okay,” replied Charlie. “Do it quickly, its cold up here.”  

Unfortunately, Snowball did it too quickly and Charlie crashed to earth. His bones, designer cap, ripped jeans, were scattered across the snowy ground and hooked, on an icicle, was a leg bone still wearing a sock and Gucci sandal. Snowball gasped, muttered to himself then concentrated very hard. His eyes glowed aquamarine, as he used his telepathic powers again. CACHING – All Charlie’s bones flew through the air and snapped back together in the right order.