A Lock Down Message

Well, this has definitely not been the first week of term we had planned for! Once again, our whole school community have shown their spirit, adaptability and resilience. I have written a few messages giving thanks since March last year and each time it is sent with genuine appreciation for your ongoing support of school life. I feel thankful again at the end of this challenging week. Our entire team of staff have worked tirelessly to get our provision set up and have got to grips with a whole new way of working and teaching. Their commitment and drive to support our pupils is nothing short of inspiring to me! Another huge thank you to all of you at home who are once again establishing home learning routines whilst juggling work and home-life commitments – this is not an easy task at all! Last but by no means least, a massive well done to the children who have shown their strength and resilience by responding to more last-minute changes and attending their live/ virtual lessons with smiles and a determination to continue their learning. I feel a genuine sense of pride!  

I read the term ‘School’s out’ in the media the other day and couldn’t help but feel a little sad about the misconception. School is far from ‘out’ or closed and we are all here to continue the education and pastoral care of the children whether that be in school or at home. We know this is a challenging situation and we understand the realities of everyone’s home circumstances being different. That is why we always stress that we are here at the end of the phone or an email to offer any support we can. We don’t want anyone to feel stressed or to struggle – no question is too big or too small.  

Mrs Curry and the pastoral team will be writing a weekly newsletter for pupils and parents to promote positive mental health and well-being whilst the children are learning at home. It may be that your child would value a phone call with a member of staff – something as easy as this to arrange can often make a significant difference. We are also delighted to offer a daily live form time where the children can see their peers and their form tutors – we would really encourage all children to try to get signed in each morning to make a positive start to their day.  Stay safe everyone.