Year 5 Architecture Project

Another fabulous submission to our Year 5 Architecture Project.  Well done Finley, I think you will agree this six storey structure is very impressive and and a great use of materials!

Well done to Eve in year 5 for her early submission of an architecture project. Pupils have been asked to research three iconic architects as case studies, develop a new design concept for a skyscraper-style building around the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside area, and then make a model. Some pupils are developing computer-aided design (CAD) models on Google SketchUp as well. Eve’s design is called The Bottle, to rival other iconic UK landmark buildings such as the Cheese Grater and Walkie Talkie in London.  Her concept provides pedestrian access to the building and another route across the river. She has included a battery LED kit to show lights inside the transparent, rainbow-effect building, in the middle of the Tyne River.  The building will generate electricity by tidal power, supporting the push for renewable energy to minimise the effects of climate change and carbon footprints. 


I’m sure you will agree, this is a sterling effort from Eve, who is a potential architect in the making.  She has received a P4 on our praise system of Classcharts, the highest award that can be given, from her Design Technology teacher (Mr Freeman- Myers), and is due to be awarded a special recognition DT key fob.