Pancake Challenge/ Competition

Next Tuesday is PANCAKE DAY! Why not join in with one or even both of our Pancake Challenges/ Competitions.  Open to all students and staff!

Challenge A – design and make a creative sweet or savoury pancake which use at least two fruits or vegetables in its design. 

Marks will be awarded for: 

  • Creativity and imagination. 
  • Promoting healthy eating. 
  • Incorporating a variety of skills such as pouring, mixing and chopping. 

Challenge B – design and make a 3D pancake object or scene using either sweet or savoury pancakes. 

Marks will be awarded for: 

  • Creativity and imagination  
  • Structure and design
  • Use of colour and pattern 

Don’t forget to send your photos to Miss Kwella or the school email address by Monday 22nd February 2021.