Happy Half Term!

Here we are at the end of a half term like no other. Six weeks where our school community has once again had to respond to changes, updates and restrictions. Our pupils have truly risen to the challenges they have faced and responded in a way which we’ll always remember and be so proud of. None of us underestimate how challenging this period continues to be for them – they are amazing!!! 


There’s lots of talk about ‘catch up’ and plans will hopefully soon emerge for the return to school life. Please try not to panic or worry about the notion of ‘catch up’. We are ready for our children to return to school (whenever that may be) with support, positivity and patience in place for when they are back in our classrooms. 


Thank you once again to all of you for your resilience and support. We know you are there day-in day-out supporting your child to access their live lessons and remote learning whilst juggling your own commitments and coping with the pressures of life in lockdown. You are all amazing too!! Try to switch off; try to have a break away from the screen. Enjoy family time, fresh air and laughs! 


Finally, a huge thank you and well done to our whole staff team at HMS!! We’ve enjoyed rising to the challenge of teaching ‘live’ and it’s been brilliant to stay connected with you all so much throughout this strange time of our lives. Every single member of staff has changed the way they work again to ensure that our children and families are well supported. I am so proud of them all! 


Take care everyone. Stay safe and happy! We will see you back learning either in school or online from Monday 22 February ❤️