Music: How pianist with dementia is helping others

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. During the lockdown, we have highlighted the importance of looking out for our mental health. It’s important that we all find ways to manage and enhance our mental health, as it is something that affects everybody, despite lockdown and the recent pandemic.

I would like to share a link from the BBC News website, which was broadcast this week. This relates to the power of music and the benefits it can bring to our lives. It was also great to see The Brits on TV recently with some key workers in the audience. We are sure this plug is music to our own music teacher’s ears, as we have noticed some decline in pupils’ interest in musical extra-curricular pursuits. We would really like to reverse this trend: although the warmer summer days spent on the field (getting plenty of fresh air and exercise) is proving to be an attractive alternative, we value the contribution that music can play in the wider social, spiritual, cultural and personal development of pupils.

I recently read about someone called Paul Harvey, a musician suffering from dementia.   Today’s BBC video builds on Paul’s story. 

BBC News Video: How pianist with dementia is helping others (External URL)

Form tutors have been sent this video link to watch in form time and we will aim to build in some time for pupils to listen to a variety of different music from different genres.   We would like to encourage the attendance at Choir and orchestra rehearsals.  If any pupil is interested in starting to play a musical instrument, they should talk to Mr Holdsworth in the first instance.

Mr Freeman-Myers