Pupil Success!

Members of Tynedale Lions invited nominations for this year’s ‘Young People’s Excellence Award 2022-23’. Mr Watters was delighted to be able to nominate many HMS pupils and thank the Lions for their support. 
Nominations were submitted to recognise the following pupils: Jamie A (equestrian), Mateo R (squash), Christian T (music/singing), Natty O (music), Alex G (karting), George H (music) and JJ W (music). I am delighted to say that Mateo was one the four successful winners of this year’s award and will receive a bursary to support his development. 
Huge congratulations must go to Mateo, and to all of our nominees. We are always so proud of our pupils for their engagement in school and out of school. We are so keen to hear about their interests and talents – we want to celebrate this with the wider school community.