Remembrance Day

This week’s assembly, led by Mr Johnson, has explored the very important theme of Remembrance. We have been focussing on what Remembrance Day is, what takes place and what the poppy represents. The assembly has covered what it means to show courage as well as selflessness and how people have shown this throughout history. This year is the 75th anniversary of ‘The Windrush Generation’ and the focus of this year’s Remembrance assembly was on those of Caribbean descent and looking at the history of black people in the services including the RAF and how people have displayed courage and selflessness throughout history, despite facing many social challenges and often racism throughout their lives. 

The Head Pupils have been selling poppies and merchandise for The Royal British Legion and the school fell silent at 11am today following a message from Mr Atkins. The Head Pupils were joined by Mr Watters in the Hexham Remembrance Service on Sunday where they laid our school wreath.