Careers Education: Egger Employer Engagement

Year 6 enjoyed an assembly with Phil Maloney from Egger in Hexham as part of their design technology studies and careers education programme. As a significant local employer, Egger is perfectly situated to help build local talent and aspiration in our community. 

Pupils learned more about the Egger site in Hexham as well as all the other international sites.  There was a focus on sustainable development at Egger, considering how it is a Green Economy Company.  Pupils learned that Egger is a family-run international organisation that has a strategic importance for the region. Pupils learned more about the technological investment and advanced technology employed on the site.  We are now in receipt of some product packs and pupils will be learning more about different processes used to make them.  We are looking forward to planning some visits to the Egger plant in Hexham later in the academic year.