Year 5 Visit Beamish

When it rains, it pours… but nothing stopped HMS from having the most wonderful time at Beamish Museum this week. Year 5 had an excellent day visiting all areas of the museum. A massive thank you to our wonderful pupils who represented HMS exceptionally well. Additionally, a big thank you goes to all the staff who supported the children to have “one of the best days and the best trips ever” despite the very chilly conditions! 

All pupils had the chance to visit the 1940s farm to see the very adorable piglets and the sleepiest pigs and the 1900s town, with most taking an interest in the Jubilee Sweet Shop and the bakery! We were also able to explore the bank and the hall. The children also visited the 1820s landscape and finally the pit village and colliery. Pupils were able to take part in the James White investigation, using their speaking and listening skills to interview a range of people in the local village. Pupils independently explored the 1900s pit village, checking out the local school, the village church, and the miners’ houses. What a fun, jampacked day we had!