Where can languages take you? – Year 8

North East Festival of Languages @ Hexham Middle School

Where can languages take you? – Year 8 careers event 

As part of the North East Festival of Languages, on Monday our year 8 pupils took part in a careers webinar organised by the British Council called ‘Where can languages take you?’  

Pupils have been finding out about how learning a language can support them in the future. During the webinar guest speakers spoke about their experiences with languages and how languages have helped them develop essential skills for the world of work. Pupils heard from employees of GCHQ, Homes England and a student from Durham University who wants to be a translator. All the speakers spoke about the opportunities to travel that learning a language gave them. In their language lessons, pupils will complete a follow up activity to further their understanding and knowledge on languages and careers. 

 If possible, it would be good for you to discuss this with your child so that they can reflect upon what they learnt during the webinar. 

Futbol Lingo Event at Northumbria University

On Tuesday 12th March, some year 8 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a football, languages and careers workshop. Pupils were given a motivational talk about how languages can be beneficial in the world of work. Pupils had the chance to design a bid to host the Copa America as well as learn some useful Spanish words during their football practical session.

Pupils gained an understanding of the importance of speaking different languages and how impactful they can be in the football industry and the range of careers in the sector.

Welcome to China Event at Newcastle University

Yesterday, Thursday 14th March, some KS3 pupils visited Newcastle University to attend the Welcome to China Event. During the session, pupils learnt some basic mandarin greetings and numbers in Chinese. Pupils also had the chance to do some paper-cutting artwork. Overall, the sessions stimulated interest and understanding of Chinese culture and enabled the pupils to embrace cultural diversity.

Coming up: Year 7 – Tuesday 26th March – Futbol Lingo Webinar for Year 7