European Christmas Decoration Exchange Project

We have been selected as 1 of only 10 (primary) schools in the North East to take part in the European Christmas Decoration exchange project.

We have the opportunity to send 30 ‘Northumberland inspired’ Christmas decorations to other schools across Europe. In return we will receive 30 decorations from schools across Europe that we will be able to put on our Christmas tree.

It is not a competition but should we have more than 30 decorations, then the best 30 entries (that closely meet the criteria) will be sent away. The rest will be used to decorate our own tree. All entries will receive a prize.

Decorations can be made from any materials, e.g. cardboard, plastic, string, paper, paint, glue, etc. However please remember that these items will be posted across Europe. The decoration should be no bigger than A6 size (15cmx10cm). It should have the country of origin written on.

If you would like to make a decoration, please give it to Mr Armstrong by 11 November 2019. This will allow enough time to be able to post the decorations.

More information can be found in the presentation below: