Thank you!

As we come to the end of the first week since our school closed (for most pupils), it’s important to reflect and think about the things we are thankful for, such as:

  • All of the unbelievable key workers who are out there supporting the fight against COVID19. 
  • Our fantastic pupils who have been in school with us this week with huge smiles and resilience in uncertain times. 
  • Our amazing pupils at home, along with their supportive families who have been getting used to a new routine and learning at home. 
  • Our dedicated, exceptional team of staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure that learning and pupil support can continue in very challenging circumstances. 
  • All of the appreciative, supportive comments and thanks we have received this week – these have been massively appreciated and shared with all of our staff. 
  • The sunshine for brightening up our week! 

The HMS spirit and sense of community has truly been felt this week – whether that be with those in school or from those of you at home. Don’t forget… whether you’re in the swing of home learning or you feel that you haven’t quite worked it all out yet – there’s no pressure! These are new circumstances for all of us so remember to take your time and do what you can, when you can. We have shared lots of information with you – digest it, plan a ‘Little and Often’ approach and don’t forget to mix school work with fresh air, exercise and new challenges at home. 

Keep in touch with us – school is open, the phone lines are on and the email inboxes are ready! It has been great to chat to many parents and pupils this week. Mrs Frankish, Ms Carruthers, myself and all of your teachers are available to answer any questions about home learning and to review your work… but we will be signing for a well-earned weekend later today (please make sure you all do the same!). 

Keep sharing the experiences you are having at home on our pinned Facebook post and show us what you’re feeling thankful for today. 

Take care everyone. We are very proud of all of you! A huge well done and thank you to the parents/ carers for what will have been an unusual, challenging week – you are doing amazing! 

Mr Watters (and all of us at HMS)