Blog Post #2: Mrs Henderson

Hi Everyone

Let’s get caught up. Let me share a few of the things I have been up to over the last few weeks.

A long time ago, when I was young, I used to knit. Over the past few weeks, I have picked up my knitting needles, wool and started knitting again. Not for myself, but for premature babies in hospital. The babies need tiny hats, booties and cardigans to help keep them warm. I have also knitted tiny blankets and little bonding squares. Bonding squares come in pairs, one is kept with the baby and the other is for the mum to carry round with her so her scent goes onto the square. Every so often the bonding squares are changed over. This way the baby gets to recognise their mum. When this is all over, I will be able to post the outfits to local hospitals where they will wash and store them until they are needed.

Not all jobs are fun, especially in this beautiful weather. I would like to share a photo of my stairs. Boring, I know, but not all work is interesting; however it can be necessary. How long do you think it will take us to finish stripping the paint, sanding (my job) and painting them again? 

I have also enjoyed time outside in our garden. This is my garden at the moment. As you can see, the flower bed is work in progress. Just like you, I spend time each day working and when not on school work, I am busy in the garden. A little work each day is the best way. Quality not quantity. Believe me, I am no gardener and definitely do not have green fingers but you know what, I still try! Never give up.

I am sure you will agree with me when I say some days are better than others. I had a conversation with Ms Cave last week and I can remember saying, I have good days and not so good days but I never have bad days. For me to be able to help you when we return to school, I have completed a few online courses. We also need to work to keep up to date with new ideas and training. It’s not all about having fun sanding the banister! 

Stay safe, stay strong and take care.

Mrs Henderson LSA